Our Program

Our award winning school has created an  alternative education model to address underlying processing deficits for students with special needs.

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Our education model has helped many students with many learning abilities to grow and succeed.  Our collaborative curriculum is supported by our great staff to student ratio. This means that we can truly create individualized programs for each student and the goals within that program are consistent within each class.

Students at Pioneer complete coursework designed by our staff to meet their individualized goals, whether this means a curriculum designed to prepare them for higher education, or one that is designed to prepare them for the work environment.  At Pioneer each student is prepared to excel in the real world.

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What’s New?

It’s been a terrific school year so far! We have new students and parts of the school have a new look.  It is always fun to get to know new students throughout the year.  Everyone is really excited about this year.  New technology, New ideas and new ways to learn and have fun.  It is a very exciting time at Pioneer Day School.   




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